Silence seeps deep into my ears. Everything is mute aside from some water drops dripping in rhyme with the ticks of my clock. I lie. I don’t have a clock. Actually, I don’t have to have one. Time has no significance when you constantly wander far away in perpetual thoughts, leaving away physical space around you along with time attached to it.

It’s funny how we delude ourselves with thousands of absurd alternative realities just so we can avoid having to think about one simple and easily digestible truth, that everything has not been and will not be going the way you always want.

I know life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Difficulties make us grow wiser. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, they say. Yet stronger we get, the more burden others expect us to carry on our shoulders. And thus the cycle continues forever. No matter how much I’m trying to keep pace with others, I keep on being outstepped.

They say life is a puzzle. Then mine is a seemingly indechiperable one. Nothing bothers me as much as wondering what the complete picture will look like. Sure, eventually all the pieces will fall in place. Until then, I will laugh at the confusion that God has actually made right things right since very beginning, even when I thought they were wrong all the time.


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