By: Patrick Graven

Your ageless eyes are distant reflections, Beautifying the world by their reflection. Far away from you and from your time, You shall leave it all for the stars. This reality around you, Is the one you have chosen, And your dreams cover over the surface with an ideal vision, Unfolding in the light of your eyes, your own soul shrouded in disguise.

You are a galaxy, vast and distant, With blinded shadows and a spectrum of light, Moving and living, where a thousand stars unite, With it’s surface blooming into a veil of colours, And its heart filled with wonders. Where all colours are born, Images and words are sworn, Where the heart and mind have remained, The journeys of the soul that never end.

Listen as the wind blows from beyond the horizon, Hopes spread into the light and memories are lost in time, The night is filled with wonder and a new dawn begins to rise, Drenched in a ocean of my own emotions, And the doves begin to take flight. Into this night I wander, Into the day forever after, The thirst for something real, something to change this feeling that I feel, Another day it still seems, In the sea of waking dreams.

I wonder where the heart goes, In the wind and where it flows, With every known emotion, Gives only divine devotion, To the ever changing pull, Of the moon and tide, The seasons that you go through, The colours that remain in your eyes. It is the light in the darkness, A pearl in the depths of the ocean, The feeling within your heart, Emotions in motion.

To see the world is to feel from inside, To give birth to beauty is to be alive, To understand and feel from the depths of your soul, To make a difference to this fading world. To fly with freedom to give others sight, To feel others’ pain and express it into light. To inhale it all inside one breath, And exhale everything you’ve ever felt. To let go of everything that has changed you within, And to reach out and grasp the new once again.

You are the universe looking outside, The world looking within, Its vision of light, Its soul united. Shine on forever as one, Into tomorrow’s eyes until our rivers become one. And if there was no distant path to be, A heart to see me through, A vision deep inside that I see, These eyes are just mirrors of you.

As long as nature reveals the signs, Find the true dimension of your life, Take care of your temple, The waves will lead you towards your light, Spread your wings and fly above, Get lost to find yourself as you rise in love, Above the clouds of a dream, Seek within to find your true self within the earth and its streams.

Even if there is only one moment for eternity, one drop in the ocean, one spark in the flame, the sun shines over everything that has happened. Lost is the only place to find yourself. All that has passed is gone too soon, memories fade and feelings yet to bloom.
The winds of time pass by, Rivers flow and wings take flight, From depths that stay behind closed eyes, Far from here as clouds pass by. Time moves like the waves that still wash ashore, Colliding all that has come and gone before, And before the leaves have fallen from where they derive, Realise that everything changes and everything revives.

– Patrick Graven

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